Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Kiddush FAQ

What is the typical cost for a Kiddush buffet?

  • Most buffet options will run between $15.00 and $20.00 per person, with options as low as $10.00 per person. Linen, staffing and rentals will be available for an additional fee to the menu cost

Should I serve meat or dairy at my Kiddush?

  • Most temples require kosher style buffet service. Meat is logistically more difficult to serve, therefore limiting your options. Meat will also require desserts to be Parve, and coffee creamers would need to be non dairy as well. Dairy is much friendlier and will accommodate a larger array of allergy restrictions

What are my options on a limited budget?

  • A Drop off continental breakfast, desserts or appetizer may be a good option. Try vegetables with dip, cheese and crackers, along with hummus with chips. Another option may be mini bagels, cream cheese and mini muffins and danishes. Please address any budgeting concerns with our catering manager to help build the right menu for you!

Do I need staff for my event?

  • Most Temples require that events be staffed by an approved and insured staffing company. Max and Benny's will quote staffing for all full service events. For drop off service, the temple will give you a list of approved staffing companies. Staffing needs may vary depending on the number of people and type of service required. Service with disposable ware requires 1 staff per 50 guests, and service with china ware requires 1 staff per 25 guests.  Additional kitchen staff may also be required. These staffing needs are averages and may vary depending on number of buffets, beverage and dessert service needs required by the event menu.

Does my event require linen?

  • Linen sets the mood for any event. The first thing people see when entering a room is the linen you selected. Linen can transform an event from drab to elegant with the right choice. Linen is not required but we do highly recommend it. 

When should I secure my catering?

  • It is recommended that you secure catering for a simple Kiddush 3 months in advance. If you require a more detailed Kiddush event, it is recommended to secure your date 6 months in advance.

Please keep in mind that all temples are different and may provide different types of service with their event space. Max and Benny's has developed close relationships with area temples to guide our clients through the appropriated steps needed for the event location. No detail is overlooked.